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Story Telling

The art of storytelling has existed for tens of thousands of years, from murals drawn on the walls of the Lascaux Caves in the Pyrenees Mountains in southern France as early as 15000 B.C., to the epic of Gilgamesh carved into stone pillars in 700 B.C., and Aesop’s Fables told in 500 B.C finally written three hundred years later in 200bc.  If knowledge is power, stories are the life force that cause us to sing with joy, shudder with fear, and dance with passion.  They are in essence the key that opens the door to our mind and frees our imaginations to wield the mighty sword of knowledge.


It has been through the art of storytelling that the raw events and emotions of the human experience have been remembered, lessons have been learned, and dreams are no longer for the sleeping alone but are given form, substance and life during our waking hours.  Stories sweep through the innermost parts of our hearts and minds, taking hold of our dreams, passions, desires and even fears.  They create new and exciting dimensions of epic proportions.  Every syllable, every sentence holds the power to captivate, persuade and even influence our imaginations and decisions. 

If ever you have wished to inspire, encourage or motivate a loved one, child, friend, colleague or an audience …  Help our youth bring the art of story telling into their story … their Growing Legacy today.

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